Launch Crew


When Launch Master positions are available we advertise on

The minimum requirements for Launch Master’s to be considered are:

  • Master Class <24m (MC 5)
  • MED 3
  • Current Senior First Aid (must be revalidated every 3 years)
  • Current CPR (must be revalidated every 12 months)
  • Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency
  • Current Drivers Licence.

Skills and Attributes:

Competent vessel handling skills and engineering ability required, Reporting requirements according to MSQ & NSCV standards.



We are currently seeking applications for mariners or trainee pilot positions.

If you are interested in gaining qualifications as a Marine Pilot please refer to 

The Australian Maritime safety Authority (AMSA) is responsible for the issuing of GBR pilot licences and the following are requirements stipulated for eligibility to train as a marine coast pilot:
• Eligible for permanent residence status in Australia
• Hold a current Australian Master Class 1 certificate (or hold a Certificate of Recognition)
• Hold a valid GDMSS Certificate
• Have completed not less than 36 months sea service, 18 months of which must be in the last 5 years, as navigating officer in charge of a watch or pilot on vessels over 35m in length whilst holding a Certificate as described above
• Hold a Medical Certificate of Fitness as complies with Australian Marine Orders
• Have completed an AMSA approved Bridge Resource Management Course
• Complete competency based formal pilot training program overseen by senior active pilots and administered by AMSA

Skills and Attributes:

Our own company prefers applicants with command and Reef experience. The command experience is valued more highly than sea time in the Reef as this can be acquired during the training process. Normally port pilotage experience will be accepted by AMSA as a substitute for the required experience as navigating officer of 18 months in the last five years. Torres Pilots co-ordinates the training of trainee pilots.